OverMont provides independent professional valuation services for clients in a variety of circumstances.  We deliver a thorough, understandable valuation report that is supported by established theory and relevant economic and financial analysis.  OverMont professionals are trained to address key topics by evaluating complex and interrelated valuation issues, and are experienced with presenting concise and well-supported opinions regarding deliverables if expert testimony is required.


Tax Planning:  Individuals frequently transfer interests in closely held businesses to family members to minimize tax liability.  OverMont evaluates these transactions and establishes an appropriate basis in the transferred assets/interests.


Tax Litigation:  OverMont professionals have extensive experience preparing business valuations and providing expert trial testimony that withstands the scrutiny of the U.S. Tax Court.  Having served both the IRS and individual taxpayers, the Court views our professionals as credible and objective valuation professionals.


Shareholder Disputes:  Shareholders in closely held companies often dispute the value of their interests.  In such instances, OverMont professionals serve as independent advisors to one or more of the parties, and determine the fair market value of the interests at issue.


Buy/Sell Agreements:  Businesses and their shareholders frequently enter into agreements to coordinate the future sale of ownership stakes.  In such instances, OverMont performs valuation analysis in accordance with relevant agreements.


Acquisition Due Diligence:  Investors in closely held businesses often seek confirmation of valuation claims made by the target company before completing an acquisition.  OverMont will review the industry and financial performance of the target company to assess the reasonableness of the valuation premises the seller relies upon.


Solvency Opinions:  Companies often seek solvency opinions prior to major transactions to avoid potential claims of fraudulent activities related to transfers and/or distributions against members of the board of directors or the company itself.  OverMont advises individuals and boards of directors regarding solvency issues related to such corporate transactions.