All entities are vulnerable to financial loss as a result of fraud in a complex business   landscape in which white collar crime is on the rise.  OverMont professionals possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in detecting and investigating risks to valuable assets, from real property to intellectual and financial assets.  OverMont professionals include forensic accountants and Certified Fraud Examiners with experience testifying as expert witnesses in complex, and often convoluted, matters.


OverMont professionals combine technical skills with years of industry experience to uncover information that would otherwise go unnoticed.  We offer our clients a complete suite of solutions to protect their businesses, which include asset tracing, fraud prevention and detection, and review and analysis of business transactions.  Our experience includes revealing and quantifying losses due to fraud and other crimes, and locating and recovering assets.  OverMont has conducted investigations on behalf of corporations, legal counsel, government agencies, and boards of directors.


Internal Investigations:  Corporations are often at risk from officers and other employees who exploit their company for personal gain.  Such ethical breaches often jeopardize profits and can result in criminal or civil liability for the perpetrators.  Many of the most common offenses include misappropriation of property or trade secrets, theft of proprietary information, and improper vender arrangements.  OverMont is equipped to detect practices that may compromise a firm, often before serious issues arise.


Tracing Funds & Assets:  In the event assets are misappropriated, it is critical to secure and freeze them as quickly as possible.  Locating assets requires a deep knowledge of both national and international trade practices, business policies, and accounting methods.  OverMont professionals have years of experience locating and recovering extremely sensitive and well-hidden assets, both inside and outside of our national borders.  We work closely with governments, law enforcement, and private firms to ensure that missing assets are restored and law enforcement has the information needed to prosecute responsible parties.


Investigating Kickbacks and Bribery:  Kickbacks and bribes adversely impact overall company financials and undermine employee morale and productivity.  OverMont has the tools necessary to quickly determine whether improper employee/vendor relationships exist, and if so, provide feedback to swiftly halt the offense.


Civil and Criminal Fraud:  Litigation related to civil and criminal fraud requires extensive experience and understanding of the elements of fraud.  OverMont professionals assists with addressing each of the civil and criminal elements of suspected fraudulent activity such as bankruptcy fraud, ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, loan fraud, alter-ego schemes, insurance fraud, health care fraud, computer fraud, money laundering, mail and wire fraud, and tax fraud.