OverMont evaluates claims for economic loss in a broad range of commercial disputes for both plaintiffs and defendants.  We provide litigation support for clients and their counsel by delivering a thorough, unbiased evaluation of relevant economic damages issues.  OverMont professionals are well versed in the litigation and trial process, and have testified as experts in federal district courts, state courts, tax courts, and court of claims, as well as before domestic and international arbitration panels.  Our work with leading law firms places OverMont at the forefront of damages theories and decisions.  We assist clients throughout the entire litigation process - from the decision to file through trial and post-trial motions.  OverMont provides clients and their counsel with the following litigation support:


  • Assessing the magnitude of potential liability and damages for strategic consideration;
  • Conducting interviews and fact-finding related to discovery;
  • Preparing interrogatory and deposition questions on financial and economic topics;
  • Formulating and executing theories and methodologies related to economic damages;
  • Preparing expert reports and demonstrative exhibits to communicate conclusions in a precise, yet concise and easy to understand, manner;
  • Examining and critiquing opposing damages claims and the opinions of opposing experts;
  • Identifying, indexing, and controlling case documents;
  • Assisting with direct-examination and cross-examination of opposing experts and fact witnesses;
  • Analyzing financial records, transaction data, and relevant market and industry information; and
  • Providing expert testimony at deposition and trial.


OverMont professionals possess a unique combination of expertise in finance, accounting, and economics along with deep experience in delivering analyses in the litigation context, equipping them to present clear, concise, and convincing presentations of economic damages issues in a variety of complex commercial disputes, including, but not limited to:


                        - Antitrust                                          - Breach of contract

                        - Breach of fiduciary duty                - Business interruption

                        - Consumer class action                  - Employment disputes

                        - Fraud                                               - Insolvency and bankruptcy

                        - Intellectual property                      - Product liability

                        - Professional liability                       - Quantum meruit

                        - Real estate disputes                      - Shareholder disputes

                        - Tortious interference                    - Unjust enrichment